Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rockin' Surfboard Night Light

So I wanted to get a night light for my little boy's room and I just didn't like anything I was seeing at the store. Last Christmas I went to a neighborhood block party where one of the homes staked liquor bottles full of lights along the sidewalk pathway. Very cool...and hey - recycling! See?....

And it made me think how cute a bottle of lights of would be as a night light. So I soaked and scraped the label off a vodka bottle and went in search of a wine rocker. There are a ton out there but the one I really liked was a curvy one I found on Etsy. Slap on a little paint, some embossed and foiled stickers, and a little triple thick gloss to seal the paint and stickers. Add a dimmer to your lights so you can use just the right amount of glow in your little one's room. (I was gonna glue a few wood circles to the rocker and make this night light a skateboard, but daddy's a surfer and pushed for a surfboard. LOL. But the skateboard was gonna be totally cute!!!)