Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Stocking Wreath


Winter is definitely my favorite season of the year, with Autumn being a close second. I absolutely love seeing all the homes made up for the holidays. In particular, the wreaths. I typically make my own, and if you don't want to shell out an arm and a leg for a beautiful one to adorn your door, I suggest you pick up this talent as well. As I was scanning Etsy for some inspiration, a marked a few I really liked:

Yep. See the stocking on the far right? That's where I realized they made moss stockings. Unfortunately, that particular wreath wasn't to my taste and it had a price tag of over $100. In fact, most of the wreaths I came across had a pretty hefty price tag, and that didn't even include the price of shipping.

I picked up the moss wreath on ebay for a mere $10 with free shipping and hit up those lovely 50% off sales at my local Hobby Lobby for the rest, so all together my Christmas Stocking Wreath only cost me about half an hour of my time and $40 to make. Note: You will have to reshape your door hook to accommodate this type of wreath and I suggest you use wire to securely attach it to the hook. Thieves tend to swipe beautiful wreaths because they can fetch a nice price tag, so if someone's gonna steal yours, make sure they have to stand at your door for a bit and work really hard to get it! Usually, they'll move on if it's not a quick grab-n-go.



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